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How to Disable Offline Cachine on TeeCal Server Share
Last Updated 5 years ago

These following steps need to be completed on the TeeCal server computer.

  1. Locate and Open TeeCal Share settings
    Open My Computer
    Locate and open Local Disk C:\ drive
    Locate and open Program Files (x86) folder (Please note that if you are using a Windows 32 bit computer you won't see this folder so you will need to open the Program Files folder instead)
  2. Locate the TeeCal folder
    Right click the TeeCal folder and click Properties
  3. Now you should see the TeeCal properties window
    Click the Sharing tab (located at the top of the TeeCal properties window)
    Click the Advanced Sharing button
  4. Click the Caching button
  5. Click the Files or programs from the share will not be available offline option (should match screenshot below)
    Click OK
  6. Now you should be back on the Advanced Sharing window
    Click Apply
    Click OK
  7. Now you should be back on the Sharing Tab of the TeeCal Properties window
    Click Apply
    Click OK
  8. Reboot the server.

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