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Teecal Crashes Every Time I Close Invoice Screen - Windows 10 Upgrade Issue
Last Updated 6 years ago

In this KB we will discuss how to resolve the issue that occures with TeeCal after upgrading to Windows 10 regarding TeeCal crashing when trying to save and close invoices or quotes.

If you experience issues when trying to close the invoice screen in TeeCal after upgrading to Windows 10 then this article most likely applies to you.  We have a couple of reported cases where the TeeCal application crashes and closes when trying to close an invoice window or quote window.

The fix for this is to uninstall the current version of the Acrobat Adobe Reader and install a fresh copy of Adobe Reader version X or later.
You can refer to our download page for a copy of Adobe Reader.

If the steps above have not resolved the issue then proceed to the next step below.
Follow the instructions found at the following knowledge base article below.
How to force UAC to disable on computers after having Windows 10 Upgrade

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