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4.) Setup and Connect TeeCal Clients To TeeCal Server
Last Updated 5 years ago

Important Notes:
Do not connect TeeCal clients through mapped network drives.
Mapped network drives will automatically disconnect when they become idle which will cause issues within the TeeCal software. Please note that if you connect TeeCal client over a mapped drive that it can lead to data corruption and data loss.

How To Setup and Connect TeeCal Clients To Network TeeCal Server

  1. Install the TeeCal software on the client computer
  2. Start TeeCal
  3. Click Activate License
  4. Select Network Client mode
  5. Click Browse, connect to the TeeCal Server share, locate and select the file, click Open.
    (Link to TeeCal Server Share Setup Procedure)
  6. Enter your TeeCal Client License and click the Activate button (Activation can take a few moments).
  7. Once the Activation has completed successfully you should see a screen similar to the one below. 
    Click OK to proceed.
  8. Start TeeCal and it should be running in Network Client mode.

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