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How to close an invoice with $0.00 balance (0 balance, zero balance, no balance)
Last Updated 7 years ago

How to close invoice with $0.00 total and $0.00 balance.

Invoices with a $0.00 grand total and a $0.00 balance will not update to Invoice Completed status. 

TeeCal requires a grand total of $0.01 or greater to be able to set the invoice status to Invoice Completed. 

If you need to remove or close the invoice you can proceed with one of these options.
1.  Add a charge of $0.01 or larger and then you will be able to close the invoice.  Note that this method will also require you to make a payment for the remaining balance before being allowed to update the status to Invoice Completed.

2.  If the invoice is no longer valid or needed then you can void the invoice and it will be removed from your console views as well as all of your open ticket reports.

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