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5.a) Setup Outgoing Email For TeeCal Software
Last Updated 5 years ago

Note: If you are logged into TeeCal with a user account that as TeeCal Administrator access you will be able to configure the mail for each user account. If you are logged into TeeCal with a non-administrator account then you will only be able to access your own email settings for your own account.  Please note that this process will need to be completed for each TeeCal user account within the software.

Configure your email account inside TeeCal
1. Open TeeCal and click Admin button (see screenshot below)

2. Click the Change Email Settings button (see screenshot below)

3. Enter your email settings on the Email Settings screen as indicated below. (as seen in screenshot below)
Your Email Address: enter your email address and be sure to include the email address here
SMTP Server: (contact  your mail provider for this information)
Port #: (contact your mail provider for this information)
Use Secure Connection: (contact your mail provider for this information)
Note: The most common port and secure connection combinations are 587 with SSL, or 25 with secure connection set to NO
SMTP Server Requires Authentication: Check
Enter only your email account username (depending on email provider it may or may not include the portion)
Enter your email account password

4. Click the Test SMTP Settings button and make sure that the message you receive states that the email test was successful. (see the screenshot below)

5. If the test fails then you may need to try a different combination of port numbers and secure connection combinations. Some other common port numbers are 25, 2525, 587, 465, 3535

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